Emerald, chapter one, part one. Tuesday, Jul 15 2008 

chapter one.


“Sophia, are you sure you want to do this?” my father, cameron asked as he pulled his hundered year old station wagon into a parking spot facing the fenway train station. It was my first stop before i boarded a plan in los angelas.

          “of course i do!” i lied. i did not want to leave my beautiful beach-side home in medford, california for hill, A  town in washington Alabama that has an alarmingly low population. they have one stoplight in hill and at night, it flashes yellow.

I was going there to live with my favorite aunt on my dad’s side, katrina. while my father fulfilled his ‘life long’ dream of becoming a world renowned violinist and enjoyed his new wife karen. a model from san diego. they were spending the year traveling around greece trying to catch the attention of one, antonio midori son of some famous composer in the forties. i had no intention of going with them, i don’t like karen at all, and was happy to be moving, no matter  how temorary it was, away from her.

-“well, only if you are sure.” he insisted sourly. i didn’t know if he meant for me to hear or not. pretending i didn’t hear anything, i tousled my ratty brown curls, and gave him my best ‘dad, don’t worry’ look. despite that effort, he looked very  worried. he didn’t want me to leave anymore than i wanted to leave him. he is my best friend.

“but, soph, ” he said as he looked down at me, with his big grey eyes that i had a feeling i filled with sadness.”it’s not too late to change your mind, we could turn right around. we could be home by seven, and you could unpack…”

“NO. dad.” i cut him off “you have some big things to accomplish, and i wouldn’t want to get in your way. plus,” i went on “i think i will really like HIll, and  living with aunt katrina.” lies, all lies. i couldn’t let my father know that though.  it was either move in with katrina for my sophmore year, or move to another country and not go to high school at all and take up a new language. which did not sound very appealing to me. so, i had settled on hill, and aunt katrina.

“ok soph.” he finally said, gesturing to the station, obviously ready for me to leave, so he could mourn in peace. as well as to spare both of us of my very soon-to-be tearful exit. “time to go.”

“i love you dad, and i will miss you so much. i promise to write every-” i was overwhelmed with sadness. i stared into his eyes he looked just as sad as i was, i hadn’t spent more than a week away from him since eighth grade. tears welled in my eyes. this was a moment of sincere saddness. i felt a tear droplet spill over my eyelid and run down my cheek. my vision was starting to get blurry from the tears. “e-e-eevery day” i said, as i was clutching my hand’s together and catching my breath.i was talking through the lump in my throat. i was sure my eyes had turned red. this was going to be hard.

“bye honey” he replied as i leaned in to give him a hug. ” i love you too”


**writers note** i think that’s enough for tonight. it is really hard to write things like this, you really have to get into the moment of sadness when writing to make it feel as real as possible.
remember! any suggestions? leave a comment.


emerald (preface) Tuesday, Jul 15 2008 

welcome to my world.

My name is sophia *insert last name here* and this is my story. in this journal, i try to relive and tell you  happened to me in the small town of hill, alabama. the strange adventures, the magic and mystery and the tale of true love to last a lifetime. or so i thought.
As i take you on this journey, writing the very words you are reading now and in the pages to come, i find myself in tears, howling with laughter, and grimicing in remorse. I hope you will stay to the very end as as i take you on this spellbinding journey, into my adventure that feel’s as if you have stepped into a fairy tale, where there isn’t always a handsome prince to save you. I have come an unfathomably far way from when this adventure first started. i was nothing but a child in the beginning. now, i feel….

well, you’ll see.


*writer’s note* this is only the preface.
any suggestions to make it better? spelling errors, things that need to be reworded?
leave it in the comments.
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emerald? Tuesday, Jul 15 2008 

i often ask myself, will i ever be a good writer? the answer, alas is no. i don’t want to be taught how to write, and i sure don’t want to have to write about a topic an “adult” tells me to. i want to be free with my mind and create something totally new. there is only one dilemma, i can never think of what to write and whatever i try to, turns out like crap or i end up rambling [like now, sorrry]. i started a novel called ’emerald’ that is mildly twilight-related it uses some vaguely similar characters and  has some of it’s pivital points… for instance a young girl moving to a town away from her parents. other than that, it is ultimetly ‘my’ story. while i was still in school, i let several people read it, by the second page they were jumping up and down and accusing me that it was ‘just like twilight’. which, put me off writing it for a long time. i don’t think i have written a word since may. [i really can’t take critisism on my writing….. or singing for that matter.] i am to self consious to write any more or share it with the world. so, i have taken it upon myself to type the whole four pages here. that way, anyone who i want to read the story can.without taking much of my time and energy. so starting… well, right after i post this blog, i am going to get out the dusty green spiral and make friends with my typing fingers for a few hours. if i work consantly, say a page a day, it should all be up by friday. i hope you enjoy it, and in the comments [if you would like]  constuctive critisism would be well-appreciated.

thanks! -julia

no new messages. Tuesday, May 13 2008 

don’t you hate it when you open up the internet go into your messages and ther are NO NEW MESSAGES from anyone? i sure do! so, if you sre reading this, send me a message.


too much to handle. spare me. Tuesday, May 13 2008 

I’m very aware of the good things I have going in my life. I have ten fingers and toes, I have amazing friends, and a decent head on my shoulders. Everything will work out in the end, I just don’t know how long that will take. I want to do what I love and love what I do. I refuse to settle. I’m at a really weird in between place in my life. It’s a bit uncertain, but that’s what makes it fun. If I knew every single little thing that was going to happen, good or bad, I think life would be really boring. (not my words katrina’s, but it pretty much sums up my life right now)

i need t ask lauren to cut my hair and take more pics this weekend. for myspace, twitter, here!AND YOUTUBE!! i am EVERYWHERE! oh i also have a stickam page!

Oh! alas, no we did not win the contest but we DID get best in class! i got a sunburn on my face and shoulders! 😦 hurricane harbor was SO MUCH FUN! i went on ther tornado (?) the twister (?) some cool raft thing where you like fly across the water (yes, exaggeration) and bunches of others! it was really fun! after the awards ceremony, we went to the bus and i FELL ASLEEP on the seat the whole way back! i never EVER fall asleep if its before 11 o’clock! i was well rested!


college, i havent given MUCH thought to it. i know that i either want to study buisness, music theory, arcitecture, or astrophysics. when i tell people that, they dont beleive me and look at me all weird! but, guess what? i am smart and i can do whatever i want with my life! so ha! and right now all four of those ideas seemfairly good to me!

so, i will lEAVE WITH THOSE WORDS  and say DFTBA!!!

hurrican harbor contest. Friday, May 9 2008 

in 2 days we find out how we did at hurricane harbor! while we are swimming there. according to mrs.mathis we are 3 points away from a perfect score and we might win the whole thing! i got a swim suit today for it. it was torture to try on so many, but i think i found one that looks half-way decent.after that, we had  to go to mcDonalds for allies school night and she got so pissed at me for standing next to her.

yesterday we competed at birdville (?) high school and i was so worn out. i fell asleep in my chair for like 2 hours. i woke up at 8 pm and i thought it was morning.

Mother is calling me for dinner so, byee!


more people! come! Thursday, May 8 2008 

I WANT FRIENDS ON HERE!!! so people will actually read these! cause i am still a little confused about this site. SO JULIA’S FRIENDS!!! COME AND READ ME BLOG! [ not demanding at all]

i really do suck at blog posts! Thursday, May 8 2008 

hi! im julia i am 14 years old and i am addicted to youtube. i will have vlogs later in the year when i have a camera! but for now, im just going to blog. sure, i’ve done the myspace, the xanga, i am on twitter and almost everywhere else, but i have never have found a very fulfilling site. that i can freely express ALL of my opinions. on here, i will post my hopes, my dreams, my fears. things that made me laugh, or cry. how much i want a wii!! or how much i want to take up real piano lessons. and just have a way to put down what i feel! -jul kat!

Hello world! Thursday, May 8 2008 

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