I was listening to soothing music over my headphones, trying to drown out the yelling. Danielle was trying to get my attention, but I wasn’t talking to her. She was always so self absorbed. When we would talk, it was always about her. Danielle would talk about who she liked, or how she couldn’t live without her latest beau. She even threatened to kill herself when ‘Kevin’ asked out another girl. It was getting really annoying and I was fed up. I turned to look at her, pulling out my headphones.

“What?” I asked, with a grim look on my face. Not even noticing my strained expression, she sat on the floor, pulled off her shoes (which she had a habit of doing every time she sat), and jumped into a 15 minute long explanation about the three words that Josh had said to her this morning during health, pausing only to ask me to interpret what he meant. I picked up the pencil to my left from the gym floor, traced the grains of the wood, and prepared myself to listen to her rambling. She could have easily just talked to her dog, Roxy, about these things, which would have been just as effective. I leaned back against the yellow mat against the wall and turned my music all the way up.  Occasionally she would snap her fingers in front of my face to bring my attention back to her.  

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I got up from the floor and walked toward the locker room door, which was adjacent to where we were sitting. I caught my reflection in the mirrored corner of the gym wall; ‘I don’t think she can tell I look annoyed’. I thought to myself. ‘I better play it up a bit, maybe then she will leave me alone’.

“Wait up, Jewels” she called after me. I turned on my heel too look back at her, crossing my arms and scowling a bit.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” I said to her, with a tone one can mistake for exasperation. I walked into the locker room, letting the door slam behind me. She followed me in, with her purse in hand. I turned the corner. She tried to say something to me, but I couldn’t make out what. Just as she said my name, I punched in one of the hand dryers that made a sound that resonated through the locker room, keeping me from hearing what she was saying. I listened to the clacking of her Vera Wang high heels that she insisted made her taller. I couldn’t disagree with that, she was pretty short, and the four inches added a lot to her height.