i am sitting here on my bed 5:08 am. completley exausted, yet not able to fall asleep. i have been reading through people’s blogs and i am genuinley jealous of how well they write. i find myself harnessing all of this creative energy and no way to let it out. i could :

1. write a song [every song i try to write sounds like crap ]
2.draw [i am not patient enough for that and i have just gotten too good, i am never satisfied with my work]
3. interpretive dance [ha!]
4. unleash my inner photographer [no camera =(  ]
5. work on my ‘book’ [i have absolutley no ideas to write about]
6. paint my room [um,i don’t want to take all my stuff off my walls.]
7.go on a vacation [this is a perfect idea! oh, wait… i think i am missing something oh, money that’s right]
8. dream [if only i could fall asleep]
9. compose a song on the piano [um, farmer in the dell anyone. i try, but everything turns out so…. nursery rhyme]
10. design a building [psha! i am 14, not 40 although that would be really cool]
11.create something this delicious

now, don't those look yummy?<3

now, don't those look yummy?<3

12. i could fal asleep and ponder this some more in the morning.i think i choose 12. good,well… morning.

i think the sun is rising =P i haven’t slept in 20 hours.