i often ask myself, will i ever be a good writer? the answer, alas is no. i don’t want to be taught how to write, and i sure don’t want to have to write about a topic an “adult” tells me to. i want to be free with my mind and create something totally new. there is only one dilemma, i can never think of what to write and whatever i try to, turns out like crap or i end up rambling [like now, sorrry]. i started a novel called ’emerald’ that is mildly twilight-related it uses some vaguely similar characters and  has some of it’s pivital points… for instance a young girl moving to a town away from her parents. other than that, it is ultimetly ‘my’ story. while i was still in school, i let several people read it, by the second page they were jumping up and down and accusing me that it was ‘just like twilight’. which, put me off writing it for a long time. i don’t think i have written a word since may. [i really can’t take critisism on my writing….. or singing for that matter.] i am to self consious to write any more or share it with the world. so, i have taken it upon myself to type the whole four pages here. that way, anyone who i want to read the story can.without taking much of my time and energy. so starting… well, right after i post this blog, i am going to get out the dusty green spiral and make friends with my typing fingers for a few hours. if i work consantly, say a page a day, it should all be up by friday. i hope you enjoy it, and in the comments [if you would like]  constuctive critisism would be well-appreciated.

thanks! -julia