welcome to my world.

My name is sophia *insert last name here* and this is my story. in this journal, i try to relive and tell you  happened to me in the small town of hill, alabama. the strange adventures, the magic and mystery and the tale of true love to last a lifetime. or so i thought.
As i take you on this journey, writing the very words you are reading now and in the pages to come, i find myself in tears, howling with laughter, and grimicing in remorse. I hope you will stay to the very end as as i take you on this spellbinding journey, into my adventure that feel’s as if you have stepped into a fairy tale, where there isn’t always a handsome prince to save you. I have come an unfathomably far way from when this adventure first started. i was nothing but a child in the beginning. now, i feel….

well, you’ll see.


*writer’s note* this is only the preface.
any suggestions to make it better? spelling errors, things that need to be reworded?
leave it in the comments.
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