essay for english.. rough draft pt.1 Friday, Oct 10 2008 

I was listening to soothing music over my headphones, trying to drown out the yelling. Danielle was trying to get my attention, but I wasn’t talking to her. She was always so self absorbed. When we would talk, it was always about her. Danielle would talk about who she liked, or how she couldn’t live without her latest beau. She even threatened to kill herself when ‘Kevin’ asked out another girl. It was getting really annoying and I was fed up. I turned to look at her, pulling out my headphones.

“What?” I asked, with a grim look on my face. Not even noticing my strained expression, she sat on the floor, pulled off her shoes (which she had a habit of doing every time she sat), and jumped into a 15 minute long explanation about the three words that Josh had said to her this morning during health, pausing only to ask me to interpret what he meant. I picked up the pencil to my left from the gym floor, traced the grains of the wood, and prepared myself to listen to her rambling. She could have easily just talked to her dog, Roxy, about these things, which would have been just as effective. I leaned back against the yellow mat against the wall and turned my music all the way up.  Occasionally she would snap her fingers in front of my face to bring my attention back to her.  

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I got up from the floor and walked toward the locker room door, which was adjacent to where we were sitting. I caught my reflection in the mirrored corner of the gym wall; ‘I don’t think she can tell I look annoyed’. I thought to myself. ‘I better play it up a bit, maybe then she will leave me alone’.

“Wait up, Jewels” she called after me. I turned on my heel too look back at her, crossing my arms and scowling a bit.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” I said to her, with a tone one can mistake for exasperation. I walked into the locker room, letting the door slam behind me. She followed me in, with her purse in hand. I turned the corner. She tried to say something to me, but I couldn’t make out what. Just as she said my name, I punched in one of the hand dryers that made a sound that resonated through the locker room, keeping me from hearing what she was saying. I listened to the clacking of her Vera Wang high heels that she insisted made her taller. I couldn’t disagree with that, she was pretty short, and the four inches added a lot to her height.


*insert ellipses here* Saturday, Sep 13 2008 

i haven’t posted here in a long time. not quite sure why,  just couldn’t be bothered to i suppose. well, since i last updated this, i’ve started high school! which has been absolutley fantastic! i am taking..[ apart from the usual math, history science and english] choir, theatre, french,and adventures in outdoor education. i LOVE all my classes, except science, which is usually my favorite subject. i signed up for IPC (integrated physics and chimistry) but they don’t offer it to freshman this year, which sucks terribly. other than that, my high school 3 weeks of high school have been near to picture perfect. i’ve gotten to all my classes on time, kept up with schoolwork, performed at a pep rally [!!] found someone to sit with at lunch each day etc… i love my teachers also. mr. Powell [choir] and Mrs.zinck & Mrs.Light [theatre] are my favorite so far. they make the class so lively and fun, i get along with them very well, and enjoy the classes they teach very much.

on a more depressing note… my sister is in the hospital. she is pregnant and lives in kansas and was recentley put on bed rest. during a baby checkup, her blood pressure got very high and she was moved to a room where they could monitor her and baby Mathias. shortly after arriving at the hospital, the tornado sirens began to go off, the doctors rushed and moved all of the patients out into the interior hallway to try and wade out the storm. i do not know much more than that.

also, my dad just got a job. which is absolutley amazing. he is working at some computer company doing legal work and contract management, he was told there may be some travel involved, which he absolutley loves to do. the building is about 45 minutes away from our house [down the street from medevil times in arlington [?]. not too much of a commute, but still a commute nontheless. this job has been a complete blessing. we have been taken care of so well, by the members of gateway church, and my grandmother. both have helped us trmendously numerous times with financial troubles.

oh and also, hurricane ike is fast approaching, it is predictied to be in the dfw metroplex within 24 hours [or about three in the afternoon saturday] as i got out of school today, having been released from the pep rally, i looked to the southern sky to see a big black wall of storms coming straight for us. i am quite excited i must say. i love storms and i hope we get some nasty ones [with no potential damaging winds or tornadoes of course] just enough for it to rain and or hail and bring black skies. or just enough that i can go to sleep with the soothing lullaby of the storm.

i think it is time to get ready for bed and read. writing this has really inspired me to jounal or blog alot more, which i think i will do.

goodnight for now ~JULIA

Lhc. Sunday, Aug 17 2008 

I’m volitaile ready to explode…
oh you and your way with words.


i can’t wait for Christmas.
when i finally get a video camera so i can make videos.

i’ve seriously been waiting 2 years to vlog.
that is far to long.

untitled. Sunday, Aug 10 2008 

just a taste of the artwork on my walls.

there is no way… Sunday, Jul 20 2008 

i am going to edit, type and post all of emerald by, yesterday. i think i will just stick to blogs for now. if you want ’emerald’ for some reason known not to me, message me no, not here. youtube, myspace, twitter whatever. if there is a popular demand for it, i will type it up. but for now, it is staying in my green spiral. i think i might re-write it all in my peacock journal, yeah, i think i’ll do that tonight i like to write better than typing anways. oh! look what i found         adorable, yes

my peacock journal from barnes& noble

my peacock journal from barnes& noble

picture post =) Sunday, Jul 20 2008 





you guys might not know,but i love photography. i love to take pictures of anything and everything i find. but i am fairly limited. i can only take pictures with my camera phone and they have very bad quality and resolution. though, there are few that i like very much. here are just a couple of them.  i am asking for a high quality camera soon. hopefully i get one. fast.

don’t really need to post Saturday, Jul 19 2008 

i just found this picture and i love it:  



i was thinking about writing a whole blog around it, which i might get to sometime. for now though, i am just going to share with you this picture.

Edit: i want her dress!  sorta.

well Saturday, Jul 19 2008 

i went out to see the sunrise, it was just light outside, i went out too late but i did see!

a red robin fly right in front of my face and a cat crossing the street! and i did hear some birds chirping. the light is really weird though, i haven’t been outside this early in a loooonng time.

sunrise Saturday, Jul 19 2008 

in almost exactally an hour, the sun will rise. i haven’t seen a sunrise since october. i really plan on watching it. maybe i will get inspired to write?draw anything in the previous post? i hope so. that would be wonderful.  i’ll make sure to grab mothers camera and take a picture if it is pretty.

i doubt it willbe this pretty though

i doubt it willbe this pretty though

i like list’s. Saturday, Jul 19 2008 

i am sitting here on my bed 5:08 am. completley exausted, yet not able to fall asleep. i have been reading through people’s blogs and i am genuinley jealous of how well they write. i find myself harnessing all of this creative energy and no way to let it out. i could :

1. write a song [every song i try to write sounds like crap ]
2.draw [i am not patient enough for that and i have just gotten too good, i am never satisfied with my work]
3. interpretive dance [ha!]
4. unleash my inner photographer [no camera =(  ]
5. work on my ‘book’ [i have absolutley no ideas to write about]
6. paint my room [um,i don’t want to take all my stuff off my walls.]
7.go on a vacation [this is a perfect idea! oh, wait… i think i am missing something oh, money that’s right]
8. dream [if only i could fall asleep]
9. compose a song on the piano [um, farmer in the dell anyone. i try, but everything turns out so…. nursery rhyme]
10. design a building [psha! i am 14, not 40 although that would be really cool]
11.create something this delicious

now, don't those look yummy?<3

now, don't those look yummy?<3

12. i could fal asleep and ponder this some more in the morning.i think i choose 12. good,well… morning.

i think the sun is rising =P i haven’t slept in 20 hours.

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